The Plan

Your Safety is My Top Priority

Adam Gardner believes that the citizens of DeKalb County deserve the best law enforcement services possible. There needs to be a change in the core of the Sheriff’s Office in order to effectively help the community. The key to changing the environment is to foster an attitude in the Sheriff’s Office of integrity and trust. This must begin at the top. Additionally, he believes that it is imperative to get into the neighborhoods, businesses and schools through customer service-based law enforcement. The following is his plan to address these issues.

* Increase law enforcement presence by 25% in crime ridden areas in order to deter criminal activity.

* Create a Home Invasion Task Force and Crime Suppression Unit including free training for the public.

* Establish a three part criminal justice reform plan that will revolutionize the incarceration industry and help individuals in custody, both before and after they are released, thereby resulting in responsible citizens who are good for the community.

* Create a thriving junior deputy program. This will give our youth an opportunity to explore the tremendous and rewarding possibilities of being involved in the judicial system.

*Create a Citizen Review Board that will operate like an advisory board to the Sheriff made up of various citizens of DeKalb. This will help restore public trust and create confidence in the Sheriff’s Office.

*Disrupt gang activity and interfere with gang recruitment.

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